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what camolens® is and its purpose/benefits

what camolens® is and its purpose/benefits

CamLens® Benefits

  • Conceals edges in POLARIZED sun lenses.
  • Conceals edges in HIGH-INDEX lens materials.
  • Conceals the edge reflection in AR coated lenses.
  • Conceals many CHIPS from damaged frames.
  • Allows customers to wear their frame and not their lens
  • Allows more light into the eye
  • Allows thick lenses to appear thinner
  • Makes TRANSITION lenses activate faster.
  • Enhances vision.
  • Reduces glare


As myopia (nearsightedness) is on a rapid increase in our world today, it is predicted that 50% of the human population will be myopic by 2050. The myopia epidemic is progressing swiftly among young children and is unfortunately causing worsening vision with age. With worsening vision, comes higher prescriptions and thicker lenses. If you struggle with Myopia or have thick lenses, CamoLens ® provides a fashionable and functionable treatment for you! Camolens ® appear as a thinner lens and improve overall vision by allowing more light into the eyes. We are on a mission to help those with myopia see to their best abilities and feel confident in their glasses!

How Does It Work?

Choose Your Frame Or Send In Your Frame.

Choose Your Package.

Recieve CamoLens® in your beautiful frame!


CamoLens® is a one of a kind lens made to give customers the most high quality vision and sleekest lenses possible! CamoLens® differ from a regular lens as they camouflage the white rings a regular prescription lens has, therefore concealing edges and improving vision. CamoLens® has many different features within our CamoLens® packages tailored to your specific visual needs!

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